MODUS Super Series

The MODUS Super Series is a weekly darts tournament which features twelve players. They compete from Monday to Friday to win a spot in the Finals Group. This is staged on Saturday evening.

The twelve players are split into three groups. Six players are going into Group A, and three going into Groups B & C. Play commences in Group A on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 9:30 (UK time) on each day. The player who finishes first after the first three days, qualifies for the finals night on Saturday evening.

Group B plays on a Thursday and Friday evening from 10:00 PM and Group C plays on a Thursday and Friday during the day from 9:30 AM. The top three players from Group B and the top two players from Group C qualify for finals night. The rest of the players are eliminated.

Finals night is played on Saturday evening starting at 7:30 pm, while the doors open on 6:30 PM. Fans can attend the Finals night, where the players compete in a small group stage. This is followed by the semi-finals and a final to determine the weekly winner.

The competition then starts again the following week, with twelve new players competing for the title in the MODUS Super Series.

After twelve weeks of competition, the twelve weekly winners compete in ‘Champions Week’.This is played every thirteenth game week to decide who will win the Series and earn a place on the honours board.